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Organization Tips for Households with Large Families

Everyone in the family could really contribute to a lot of clutter at home. You might notice that when you were still living alone, there was already too much clutter at home. It is not surprising that when you married and started having a growing family, your house instantly turns into a grand place full of clutters and things scattered everywhere. You need to sort out things. Check out the following organization tips to help make your home organized and systematic at the same time.

You could begin the initiative by organizing all your clothes and shoes. Of course, each member of the family could have multiple numbers of clothes and shoes. Most are keeping items even if unused for the longest time. It would be best if you would designate a storage cabinet where all shoes of family members would be stored. It would not be likely if any shoes would be left at the door entrance. When shoes are scattered at the floor, anyone could easily kick them off. When that happens, it could be hard to find the missing match. Finding that match could also aggravate or worsen the cluttering problem. Clothes that are unused for the longest time should already be taken out of the house. Perhaps, you should donate them to charities.

Children of course bring home lots of school papers and artworks. Such papers could get mixed with your daily mail. In a matter of days, the papers could pile up and would look like a total mess. Resolve this problem through going through your children’s paper works on a daily basis. Keep those that need to be kept and throw away those that could be instantly discarded. It would help if you would put a child’s paper works into a separate bin or plastic bag so it would not mix up with papers of your other children. Sort your mails and bills daily or as often as you could. Do not let it pile up. Credit card bills should be instantly burned up or shredded after you settle the amount. You could also keep papers for recycling.

Always clean the house. Put out or keep children’s toys where they should be. It would help if you would designate a drawer or cabinet to store all of your children’s stuff. Be sure not to mix their toys so that they would not create a mess whenever they find their items. Again, old toys should go. Your child might have sentimental values or attachments with some, but those that are practically worthless should already go. They would just pile up.

Do not stuff your home with too much decors and ornaments. It would be ideal if you would become minimalist. Arrange your furniture and appliances in a way that everyone in the house could have adequate and luxurious free space for extra movements. Your children might run across the rooms every now and then, so be sure no fragile items are displayed.


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