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Organization Tips For A Great Living Room

Majority of households, especially those who are executives, are very particular about their living rooms because this exudes sophistication and class. A living room, which is known as the parlor or drawing room where meetings usually take place, is considered as the main highlight of the house because this is where the finest and most expensive possessions of the homeowners are showcased and displayed. This is why a great deal of organization tips is needed to make it as pleasing to the eyes as possible.

A living room should be composed of ceiling that has two storey and adjacent to the dining room and to the foyer. This should also have an exquisite set of tall windows that come in classy design. The décors should come in symmetrical forms and the treatments in the windows or ceilings should involve fabrics that are opulent, trimmed, braided, or fringed.

But today, there can be variations when it comes to designing a living room. In fact, more and more people prefer living rooms that have lesser "formal look." This is done by retaining the basic elements like intricate and heavy fabrics and using window treatments that come in light shades and furniture pieces that are more comfortable.

An Organized Living Room is Still The Best

If you want to create a living room in your own abode, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the basics of designing one. Make sure that you know what the pieces of furniture to be used are and the kind of fabric that will match these furniture pieces. And since formal living rooms are all about symmetry of design, make sure that you know the proper placing of decors and other decorations to complete the space.

There are distinguishing factors may help you to achieve the formal living room that will match your taste, style, and preference. You can opt for a formal yet friendly living room that it contains elements of the traditional formal living room but with comfortable furniture pieces as well as color combinations that are bright through the use of vivid colors such as blue, red, and khaki.

You may also want to highlight the positive side such as the decors and furniture pieces like the fireplace complemented with furnishings or draperies that come in rich and heavy trimmed fabrics. Or you may also want to focus more on the color which is very important to achieve a beautiful formal living room. They should come in vivid colors to accentuate major furniture pieces. To make it more interesting and unique, try to intersect the colors to achieve an eye-catching effect.

Some of organization tips that can help you create a simple yet wonderful living room may include placing the sofa where the fireplace and television are both viewed, placing a of chairs flanks that come in shades of green near the fireplace, putting an antique grandfather clock on one corner and a tall plant in one corner to balance it, putting a stepstool beside one of the chairs that will serves as a side table, placing a floor lamp beside the other chair to balance the stepstool, and putting at least two model ships to exude an intense statement on the mantel.


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